Golf Event Management

June 11, 2016

There are plenty of event planners out in the marketplace however planning a golf tournament is not like other events.  Golf events have an entirely different logistic aspect to them and its important to have this understanding in running and pulling off a golf tournament.  The format, tee order, registration set-up, sponsorship packages, KP and long drive contests are just some examples of ‘details’ required in the success of an annual golf tournament.

Wouldn’t you like to have someone part of your team or committee with this type of knowledge, experience and expertise.  Someone who understands the importance of how the guests view the golf tournament and will want to participate again next year.   Someone with the knowledge of the golf tournament industry and who has been involved in over 1000 plus golf events.  Someone who participated on numerous golf committees and knows what works and what doesn’t work.

Troy Slogocki is a seasoned golf industry professional who has spent 20 years in the golf tournament industry.   His knowledge and expertise isAudi A7 second to none.  Troy Slogocki is part of the Executive Director of the new formed Golf Tournament Planners Association.

Mr. Slogocki current project is working with The Abbotsford Community Foundation Smart and Caring Golf Classic. This is a first year event which takes on many new and exciting challenges.   Susan McAlevy,  Executive Director of the Abbotsford Community Foundations says:

“It was a pleasure working with Troy and Slogo Enterprises on our first annual Smart and Caring Community Golf Tournament. His expertise and experience in golf event management helped make our event a huge success. Our board agreed that hiring Troy was an excellent investment because he was a huge factor in having a successful first year. This laid the groundwork to continue to grow our event to raise more money in the future. I was so confident in Troy’s capabilities and attention to detail that I golfed in the tournament and spent my time talking with players and thanking hole sponsors. We have already contracted Troy for next year’s event.”

If your event needs some expertise or special attention please contact Troy Slogocki at 604-690-4620 to see how he may help you manage your golf event.

If interested please download this free guide in Key Steps to Hosting a Successful Golf Tournament created by Troy Slogocki.